About The Gathering House

In 2022, Faith Community completed a 5-year journey of selling their building which they had purchased and built in 1998. It had become evident that both the mission and sustainability of the church were no longer tied to the traditional building-centric model that most of us are familiar with when we think of church.  

Faith Community's future was leading them towards a more community-focused model with relevance in the day-to-day life of its neighbors. We also knew we needed office space and room for us to meet that was easy, accessible, and available for others. We purchased this historic home on Cherry Street, renovated it, updated the kitchen, and enhanced the outdoor space so it could used for the sake of our community. 

The Gathering House is your source for community connection by providing a place to unite people across a diverse-growing community while offering a meaningful place to engage.

The Gathering House is hosted by Faith Community. Faith Community is exploring new expressions of faith by offering goodness and beauty to the community through the relationships that they are a part of.  You can learn more about Faith Community here

It is the hope that the Gathering House is a place that feels like home where all who gather within see themselves as a part of something bigger.